~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~> wind under tha water an fire en tha rain

(thees post wass ritten BEFORE tha one song came

out and hit the charts…jus soo ye kno)

Eef ye doont loik me bloog thann ye moost na hof enny eirish een ye an ye doont loik lapraukonns an bee curfool beecoss won moit poot aa kurs oon ye eef yeer noot kerful ar won moit geev ye ah blessing, jus a wee bit  o’ addvoice fer ye an wootch out fer me wimin frens tha feerys they be around har soomwor too an doont boother the droo id and doont boother tha poets and doont boother tha ather hoomans whos jus mindin ther oon bizness painting an singan an playin moosic an ispeshully don boother tha guy hoos playin the floot o’er ther he’s not wun ta be trifled with he’s noot bootherin yooo. An don be thanken yer smart er soomthen beecoss thas wer ye hoomans fell enta tha trop, be thanken ye noo everatheng and ya don. Jus try an be wee bit humbel abou yer ways an mebbee ye mie gi soomwer. Mebbe soomday ye see the wind under tha water an fire en tha rain.


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