@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@$How ideas flow in Foggy Top

Net gleam portal thinking future sets
This debt dream sorts all blinking future bets.

Oxford world then a CAL rolling cloud,
Tokyo garage working with Beijing pulling shrouds

Turned, and Diving into string theory fathoms
Arriving, pulling fiber optics from ring clearing atoms.

Smashing, Surviving, set down for 11 minutes in Italy to simmer,
Ringing, our New York 7 graphics make the art galleries shimmer.

Singing, waxing the street at Mosphere,
Mood from the fog seeping out of the shine, sheer.

Luck, while the machine’s back up pushing,
Buttons of steel in future minds are riding on cling clearing bushings.

Cushioned, Wheels of matter smashing and feeding filtering flickers,
Seeding, While the New Media’s flashing Evaporating stickers.

Stream system tentacles grouped into pipe dream tunnels,
Shuttling, stray leptons of Ideas vacuumed from the populated funnels.

We’ve moved beyond the ‘Cloud’ now, “Foggy Top” is our new connected stratosphere
Theunitedstatesdesk has coined that next ‘user led strata’ HERE.




part of the source, tapping into the infinite spiral,
carted, viral golden sparks kicked up into the stream,

flowing back into the fog brain computer to be seen
Gleaming, glowing, assembled, walking out the door like open flowers,

petals dropping, bouncing, blowing
Foggy Top mind picking up scattering, throwing,

Boomeranging, pushing in and pulling ideas from user fed tubes,
Shinto rolling with my theories led fuse.

Connected for all but still water framed
Affected no wall and still Irish brained.

All Phoenicians have dreams and bog means to fly,
Apache’s clear walls with no seams and fog teams build a new sky ‾‾‾‾‾‾‾‾ ↓


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