Every little wildaway place…

Every little wildaway place is a flower garden,
being here and there, none of us need to beg a pardon…..

The people, the plants, and the morning dew….
We all have the same thoughts:
“So/Souyi ZhaoshangHao/GoodMorning Haopengyou/GoodFriend…Zenmeyang/What is new?”
..as we sip our coffee and make our tea.
You and me.
Take a walk on the styled side
Stake a talk near a mild tide,
By the ocean, by the sea
With the wind in our hair, feeling so free
Over there,
Just me and you,
breathe breathe the happy salt air city smiling
leave leave the sappy faults of minor cares wiling
2 sound souls in a earth wheel box,
Watching the waves and the horizon, laying on the rocks
The spray of the surf smells like life, feeling of nirvana stays,
I rather be with Xuruo for the rest of my days.


2 Comments to “Every little wildaway place…”

  1. its so nice to read sth you write. it’s been a long time.

  2. Hi Shawn, I like your art very much. So much feeling within your work. I also like your writings. Thank you for sharing this with us.

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