For the Northern California beach and those of us who’ve spent time there and other beaches where we will spend time. wherever. beaches. us.

Cloud blown whistle roamed

Feelings thicker in my sight

Loud honed thicker thrones

Ceilings wicker into light

Filing thoughts tired long

disappearing as they float

styling wrought iron bliss

rearing onto paper boats

Wowed the homes of lions paths

And sent the whispers after suns.

Sowing loans of scions math

Sand bent mist cures rafters runs

Floating flying flowing fairie flowers

drying in the sunlight deep

With doting lying long and arid hours

singing in my sweethearts sleep.


14 Comments to “For the Northern California beach and those of us who’ve spent time there and other beaches where we will spend time. wherever. beaches. us.”

  1. i like when you say “beaches. us.” i like this painting too. and i especially love when you say “singing in my sweethearts sleep” 🙂

  2. ha ha, thanks for the feeback Fiona, there is almost nothing better than being on a beach with someone. I like that last line in the poem the best. “singing in my sweethearts sleep”

  3. yes you have a great mind and you can say that

  4. one thing i see about your paintings is that it seems you use the dark color quite often. dark red, dark green, dark blue…which kinda creates an obvious conflict between colors in a “dark” way. i mean, the way Van Gogh uses color is green, blue, yellow, red those opposite colors too, but usually they are bright colors, not in a dark way.
    why yours are in a dark way? why you used to make it in that way?

  5. did you also notice that I do not use black? I do not intentionally do what you are seeing. I don’t have an answer because I’ve never tried to do that and never noticed it. I hardly ever use red, and I don’t use black but I do like blue and green a lot.. sorry, no answer to that it is not something I try to do just something you are seeing I guess. but I apprreciate your effort to understand my painting thanks! the camera that I use is not a professioal one and the photos always are not as bright as real life so maybe that is the problem

  6. i didn’t notice that you dont use black. but for me, it looks like most of your paintings are in dark range, so the atomosphere in your arts is ready dark or kinda black to me.
    hah, maybe it’s sth hidden behind your thoughts unconsciously.. or just my idea about your arts.
    p.s. why not use some colors more bright or shallow? how about abandoning those thick, dense, strong color to try sth else? 😉

  7. its just your idea and not a great camera. in real life they are not that way. its not something in my thoughts. maybe yours. I don’t paint that way.and I don’t think that way. my paintings are not cloudy or much gray diluted dark stuff. they are all bright and raw color mostly. I don’t know why your seeing that other than something in your own mind. for example this painting of the lady at the beach the sky and clouds in real life are very bright and the whole painting is much brighter than what the photo shows. if you don’t think so then maybe that’s what you want to see for some reason. I don’t know. look at this page if you want they are all raw undiluted color no grays or blacks .

  8. goodnight Fiona, I have to go to sleep because I have to get up very early and drive more than 100 miles to a site.

  9. i clicked the link.. those paintings are still a bit dark for me. the way how you use raw colors has very strong contrast for sure, but maybe our senses are just different, i feel they are not “bright”. or the darkness i mean is made by the material you paint. i dont know, anyway you are the professional.
    good night 🙂

    p.s. i guess 100 miles takes 3 hours to drive for a car… take good care!

  10. finally i found back a post i saw some time ago..
    this is what i call “bright”, lool

  11. yes, yours is different since they are oil painting.. maybe one day i could pick up oil painting to draw sth bright in my eyes to you 😉

    • everybody looks at things through unique eyes. some see what others don’t, some see what others see, some don’t see what others see, everyone is different. But in any case, it was nice of you to to contemplate painting something someday to show me. When that someday comes then I will look at your bright painting. Meanwhile post up some more photos of China!!!

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