For the wind. wind curious. mend Sirius.

Unfolding heart, Old friend stranger,

Never was in dire danger

Dominoes dropping like a life force fuse

Untapped love that we do not use

Saw three lights, chakras glowing,

Fell into a will whirlpool rowing

Pineal gland, Silly old land,

Filial piety, Phineas Fogg

Third eye, heart, read the hand,

Millions of Deities, Star of the Dog

Saw the golden angels light,

Aura weaving designs of sight

Around a being of opposite nature,

Surrounding gleam of watch this glacier

Of life ice force in human form

Moving like a woman born

To free kiss from

This life of wonder

And see three monks clapping thunder

On the top of a mountain and trailing fire

She blew some breath of life much higher

I caught it and flew into strato-spheres of elation

Sought it landed a short trip into heavens nation

Friendly souls abound

Unique angels make a certain sound

Wiling, milling around, heard tell it,

The dreamer of dreams never did sell it

Ladies voice like faint old home

Carried back from where we roamed

And dropped this into Gods whole lap

And said a long poem about the ways of the map

Round and round this mind is twirling

Redwood trees in the ocean burling

Caught up in the act of creation

Flowing breezes of tuned in sation

She appeared with the Energy-Eyes,

Locked and loaded with ways of the whys

This dancer’s here in front with a kiss,

God said there was an answer to the one of this

When talking to the dancer, other half,

When this needs an answer to a mothers laugh

Talking to place where I came from

But chaotic world is so strange fun.

Bards and poets are conversation fodder

But the real deal is here in the water

Wet with life and taking in rain

Spilling laughter and fighting pain

We went with the wind and banged the bell,

What we feel we’re too afraid to tell

Well about that word the wind heard me say

On the meadow in the valley when you looked my way

It was truth and it was pure

And it was my heart that the wind did hear.

Wayward planets keep on blowing

Meanwhile life steeps choice cause slowing.


13 Comments to “For the wind. wind curious. mend Sirius.”

  1. unfolding heart is not easy. i like the way you describe “dominoes”, lol. and i like “But chaotic world is so strange fun.”
    p.s. not only the wind could hear your heart 😉

  2. thanks for the feedback, Fiona! I like your feedback a lot as usual. I am happy that not only the wind hears my heart.:_)
    that line “but chaotic world is so strange fun” is a different tone than most of the rest of the poem, there’s many different meanings and interpretations of that line in the context of the poem. It is really great to get your comments.If you werent’ commenting I wouldn’t know what anyone thinks. I’d still write but it sucks if no one comments. ha ha . you know what I mean?

  3. you need audience, i know, lool. i’m not good at poem, reading them or writing them, but i’d like to read yours 😉 and i truly agree with the chaotic world is strange and fun!

  4. Let me rephrase sucks if no one comments, but I really like Fionas comments for their honesty and humor.

  5. wow, I never thought about it that way… that I ‘need an audience’ hmmm, maybe I do! ok, I do. I admit it. It makes sense. In real life I have done some acting stuff and emceed for a comedy club in Las Vegas. I guess to me there is nothing better than to affect others either through laughter, or writing or painting. I like to cause good reaction, good emotions in others. I don’t know how you can figure me out like that but you are good at it. I do need an audience, because I get immense satisfaction out of making people laugh, and feel meaningful emotion, thoughts etc.

  6. why you feel happy and get immense satisfaction after you make people laugh, pal?

  7. I don’t know. Maybe Jackie Chan is good example that you can relate. he obviously likes to make people laugh right? why? we don’t know. Maybe it is just to see others happy because something we did.

  8. ask in another way, mmm, how will you feel if you are more “detached”, you dont make people laugh but you dont make them cry either?

  9. I won’t mind that, because ‘detached’ is good as well. Isn’t that the way of Tao or Dao or something? “not too happy not too sad” or as the Irish say “life is bittersweet”.

  10. agree, life is bittersweet 😉

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