california state fair competition winner. watercolor/ink. solidarity with the Japanese Tsunami / earthquake / nuclear accident / affected people

Well the California State Fair Fine Art Show is over now. For those of us accepted into the show, I think the others that I met were all happy that they got judged in. I had a lot of fun, and also spent 1 full week there acting as Ning Hou’s assistant, and he introduced me to everyone as his #1 student for the past 10 years. I also entered into the Plein Air competition and did 2 oils and 1 watercolor in 2 days. One of the oils, of some Cows from Kings county, it sold!   On the Japanese solidarity painting, I had much positive feedback on this painting and the poems that went with it. It was seen by more than 30,000 people, although all of them probably did not read it/look at it thouroughly.  However, those that did take notice, some said it was the best piece in the show and the only one that “moved” them. This included some Japanese people, which is what sort of validated my purpose; that it successfully moved some Japanese people. The ones that I talked to, they agreed that it is a great idea to donate this painting to one of the fine art museums in Japan *IN THE AFFECTED AREA such as the Miyagi Museum of Art ( 宮城県美術館 ) or the Riask ARK museum or some other place near there like that for there permanent collection as a token of solidarity from a Californian America. I am not having much luck finding a shipping company that will ship it inexpensively nor am I getting any response from the Japan museums. hmmph. The Japanese people that I talk to think that the people there would really love it and appreciate it so I don’t know how long it will take for me to figure out how to get it there-or which museum will put it in their permanent collection for the people to view from here on out.


4 Comments to “california state fair competition winner. watercolor/ink. solidarity with the Japanese Tsunami / earthquake / nuclear accident / affected people”

  1. Beautiful painting. I loved it. Thansk for sahring with us.

  2. Very beautiful indeed. The pictures would look even greater if you changed the white balance on your camera. That would fix the yellowish tint most inside pictures just tend to have. I can help if you want.

  3. I liked the blog, not only for good content but also the painting & pictures which had been posted in the blog is quite painful. I have donated some few amount of money to the victim of Japan’s disaster which took place on Feb 2011. I am also a good painter and I respect all kind of arts.

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