March 1, 2012

People ask “What do you paint?” I say mostly people and nature, what I feel like painting, puttting what “I” “see” on canvas.

January 31, 2014

What’s behind everything? everything. no, everything. behind EVERYTHING. and behind that. What is the source? What is? is.


October 7, 2012

Your twin soul kisses are sweeter than honey…

Mirror Mirror of my soul,
Clearer, clearer becomes my goal.
Winter gone daylight nearer,
mentor on, favorite dearer.
Old close glances, ever new feelings,
filling those chances, most to ceilings.
reeling from drunkenness of your emotions,
stealing the funk-ness from your spirits oceans.
Your twin soul kisses are sweeter than honey
thin old misses are neater when it’s sunny.
forty nine million five hundred and ten,
you are the ONE from way back when,
atoms were spinning and forming a worn heart,
madams are thinning, sand storming, some born, start.

Soul-mate fate, flowering forever.
Your thoughts are my dreams, bound by heather.
Mirror Mirror do not fall
I do forever hear your call.
All your beauty grows year after year,
I know you are of my soul mirror mirror.

October 7, 2012

I see you Mightily swimming through clouds so Lightly…


moving on is a nature way
to continue your life towards the day
where you will look back happily
everything is as was, maybe a tree, to be
billions of others have walked the same path
emotions emotions talked away into math
unique you, no ones exactly the same
but we still are all like the drops of rain
no one went anywhere, they’re mostly around
waiting for stuff, like hearing your sound….
all will see each other again
sometimes even a one time friend
look out for number one because no one else will, silly
picnics at the beach are funner in the sun, have some fun really
you will have friends and take care of others
you will always love your sisters and brothers
nothing has to make any sense all the time
just keep the faith, you will always see signs
and one true thing to keep in your mind
is that God/Spirit always listens, you will find…

breathe breathe the happy salt air city smiling
leave leave the sappy faults of minor cares wiling

let people bring you up, not bring you down
no sad face in a small town
smile smile at the pigeon’s walking
or for awhile someone interesting talking

I see you swimming through clouds so lightly
when you were 10 you tried so mightily

see me walking on water on the beach
when I was 10 I ate a peach.

October 7, 2012

Every little wildaway place…

Every little wildaway place is a flower garden,
being here and there, none of us need to beg a pardon…..

The people, the plants, and the morning dew….
We all have the same thoughts:
“So/Souyi ZhaoshangHao/GoodMorning Haopengyou/GoodFriend…Zenmeyang/What is new?” we sip our coffee and make our tea.
You and me.
Take a walk on the styled side
Stake a talk near a mild tide,
By the ocean, by the sea
With the wind in our hair, feeling so free
Over there,
Just me and you,
breathe breathe the happy salt air city smiling
leave leave the sappy faults of minor cares wiling
2 sound souls in a earth wheel box,
Watching the waves and the horizon, laying on the rocks
The spray of the surf smells like life, feeling of nirvana stays,
I rather be with Xuruo for the rest of my days.

November 30, 2011

For the Northern California beach and those of us who’ve spent time there and other beaches where we will spend time. wherever. beaches. us.

Cloud blown whistle roamed

Feelings thicker in my sight

Loud honed thicker thrones

Ceilings wicker into light

Filing thoughts tired long

disappearing as they float

styling wrought iron bliss

rearing onto paper boats

Wowed the homes of lions paths

And sent the whispers after suns.

Sowing loans of scions math

Sand bent mist cures rafters runs

Floating flying flowing fairie flowers

drying in the sunlight deep

With doting lying long and arid hours

singing in my sweethearts sleep.

October 30, 2011

For the wind. wind curious. mend Sirius.

Unfolding heart, Old friend stranger,

Never was in dire danger

Dominoes dropping like a life force fuse

Untapped love that we do not use

Saw three lights, chakras glowing,

Fell into a will whirlpool rowing

Pineal gland, Silly old land,

Filial piety, Phineas Fogg

Third eye, heart, read the hand,

Millions of Deities, Star of the Dog

Saw the golden angels light,

Aura weaving designs of sight

Around a being of opposite nature,

Surrounding gleam of watch this glacier

Of life ice force in human form

Moving like a woman born

To free kiss from

This life of wonder

And see three monks clapping thunder

On the top of a mountain and trailing fire

She blew some breath of life much higher

I caught it and flew into strato-spheres of elation

Sought it landed a short trip into heavens nation

Friendly souls abound

Unique angels make a certain sound

Wiling, milling around, heard tell it,

The dreamer of dreams never did sell it

Ladies voice like faint old home

Carried back from where we roamed

And dropped this into Gods whole lap

And said a long poem about the ways of the map

Round and round this mind is twirling

Redwood trees in the ocean burling

Caught up in the act of creation

Flowing breezes of tuned in sation

She appeared with the Energy-Eyes,

Locked and loaded with ways of the whys

This dancer’s here in front with a kiss,

God said there was an answer to the one of this

When talking to the dancer, other half,

When this needs an answer to a mothers laugh

Talking to place where I came from

But chaotic world is so strange fun.

Bards and poets are conversation fodder

But the real deal is here in the water

Wet with life and taking in rain

Spilling laughter and fighting pain

We went with the wind and banged the bell,

What we feel we’re too afraid to tell

Well about that word the wind heard me say

On the meadow in the valley when you looked my way

It was truth and it was pure

And it was my heart that the wind did hear.

Wayward planets keep on blowing

Meanwhile life steeps choice cause slowing.

August 4, 2011

california state fair competition winner. watercolor/ink. solidarity with the Japanese Tsunami / earthquake / nuclear accident / affected people

Well the California State Fair Fine Art Show is over now. For those of us accepted into the show, I think the others that I met were all happy that they got judged in. I had a lot of fun, and also spent 1 full week there acting as Ning Hou’s assistant, and he introduced me to everyone as his #1 student for the past 10 years. I also entered into the Plein Air competition and did 2 oils and 1 watercolor in 2 days. One of the oils, of some Cows from Kings county, it sold!   On the Japanese solidarity painting, I had much positive feedback on this painting and the poems that went with it. It was seen by more than 30,000 people, although all of them probably did not read it/look at it thouroughly.  However, those that did take notice, some said it was the best piece in the show and the only one that “moved” them. This included some Japanese people, which is what sort of validated my purpose; that it successfully moved some Japanese people. The ones that I talked to, they agreed that it is a great idea to donate this painting to one of the fine art museums in Japan *IN THE AFFECTED AREA such as the Miyagi Museum of Art ( 宮城県美術館 ) or the Riask ARK museum or some other place near there like that for there permanent collection as a token of solidarity from a Californian America. I am not having much luck finding a shipping company that will ship it inexpensively nor am I getting any response from the Japan museums. hmmph. The Japanese people that I talk to think that the people there would really love it and appreciate it so I don’t know how long it will take for me to figure out how to get it there-or which museum will put it in their permanent collection for the people to view from here on out.

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