March 1, 2012

When I say I paint. People ask “What do you paint?” I say I don’t know. But it’s there.

January 31, 2014

What’s behind everything? everything. no, everything. behind EVERYTHING. and behind that. What is the source? What is? is.


January 1, 2014

Life……….is so beautiful, our world so nice…生活……….是如此的美丽


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February 18, 2013

Working on a new painting. Title of the piece is called: “Freedom” Apply it how you will.




The bird is not chained to anything. Go watch a bird in flight and get the feeling…

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October 24, 2012

…together we reach…

on the beach
walking on water
Agates for each.
Forever Reach.
Never beseech.
Laughing forever.
Walking together.
Ever teach.
Each other free.
Free each other
Sister brother.
Father mother.
cat dog
friend and friend.
together we reach.
laughing on beach.
Magdalena Wind Walker so rare with the ocean breeze blowing like spirit through her hair.
Not a care. Cool mist staring at the sunset dawning.

another version video of the same song…I don’t know which video I like more. I REALLY like the lyrics and singing, but couldn’t find it without a video. I think the above video is the one that the artist Marc Aurel made to go with it. Let me know what you think!!! (of my poem above OR the song).

October 22, 2012

When I was 8, I had a Shetland Pony named Sally…

I wish. Painting with words because I want to sing

The threefold calling of the bird on the wing

Thought flowing portal in the air and the sod

Feeding the mind from the soil of god

In between atoms and outside matter

Being indivisible; we didn’t climb it but jumped the ladder

Six sided face seeing all,

What is wild; there is no wall.

Garden of thoughts is flowing flowers,

Blue sparks dropping from Forget-Me-Nots in showers

Painting with letters on automatic pilot

All the plants and cats watching keeping silent

Adding encouragement and nodding consent,

Not paying a mind to where one went

It rides it goes it keeps on blowing

Life of aliveness light keeps showing

Not waiting but riding the waves on a whale in transit

360 degree vision leaves nothing to chance,

Sit, watching horizon records, repeating the painting like wobbling viral

Popping the waves seeing rain, sun, snow, and winding mist spirals

Out in middle of space lined tribal infinity sourced matter brewing, flowing

Eyes thinking reflecting floating down the river, rowing, renewing, rowing

Nowhere because the changes and the flow as it were

Transpose soul in concrete signs that make sense for sure.

So I can only say I love you and walk

With you wherever we go and talk

Walking on air between two valleys

When I was eight, I had a pony named Sally.

October 7, 2012

Your twin soul kisses are sweeter than honey…

Mirror Mirror of my soul,
Clearer, clearer becomes my goal.
Winter gone daylight nearer,
mentor on, favorite dearer.
Old close glances, ever new feelings,
filling those chances, most to ceilings.
reeling from drunkenness of your emotions,
stealing the funk-ness from your spirits oceans.
Your twin soul kisses are sweeter than honey
thin old misses are neater when it’s sunny.
forty nine million five hundred and ten,
you are the ONE from way back when,
atoms were spinning and forming a worn heart,
madams are thinning, sand storming, some born, start.

Soul-mate fate, flowering forever.
Your thoughts are my dreams, bound by heather.
Mirror Mirror do not fall
I do forever hear your call.
All your beauty grows year after year,
I know you are of my soul mirror mirror.

October 7, 2012

I see you Mightily swimming through clouds so Lightly…


moving on is a nature way
to continue your life towards the day
where you will look back happily
everything is as was, maybe a tree, to be
billions of others have walked the same path
emotions emotions talked away into math
unique you, no ones exactly the same
but we still are all like the drops of rain
no one went anywhere, they’re mostly around
waiting for stuff, like hearing your sound….
all will see each other again
sometimes even a one time friend
look out for number one because no one else will, silly
picnics at the beach are funner in the sun, have some fun really
you will have friends and take care of others
you will always love your sisters and brothers
nothing has to make any sense all the time
just keep the faith, you will always see signs
and one true thing to keep in your mind
is that God/Spirit always listens, you will find…

breathe breathe the happy salt air city smiling
leave leave the sappy faults of minor cares wiling

let people bring you up, not bring you down
no sad face in a small town
smile smile at the pigeon’s walking
or for awhile someone interesting talking

I see you swimming through clouds so lightly
when you were 10 you tried so mightily

see me walking on water on the beach
when I was 10 I ate a peach.

October 7, 2012

Every little wildaway place…

Every little wildaway place is a flower garden,
being here and there, none of us need to beg a pardon…..

The people, the plants, and the morning dew….
We all have the same thoughts:
“So/Souyi ZhaoshangHao/GoodMorning Haopengyou/GoodFriend…Zenmeyang/What is new?” we sip our coffee and make our tea.
You and me.
Take a walk on the styled side
Stake a talk near a mild tide,
By the ocean, by the sea
With the wind in our hair, feeling so free
Over there,
Just me and you,
breathe breathe the happy salt air city smiling
leave leave the sappy faults of minor cares wiling
2 sound souls in a earth wheel box,
Watching the waves and the horizon, laying on the rocks
The spray of the surf smells like life, feeling of nirvana stays,
I rather be with Xuruo for the rest of my days.


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